WIGS in a variety of colours and styles, Afros, short bobs etc.

  • MOUSTACHES & beards, facial hair and chest wigs
  • EYEMASKS - Masquerade and Full Head Latex and plastic Animal and Halloween Masks
  • HATS - Cowboys, Sombreros, Police, Top and Bowler Hats, Pirates, Chinese, Fez, Schoolgirl and Schoolboys, Biggles and many more
  • Eyelashes, Non-Piercing Jewellery, Rings, Necklaces, Tiara's etc.
  • SNAZAROO Face & Body Paint / Make-up, hairspray and body glitter
  • TIGHTS - Fishnet tights, Striped witch/elf tights, White tights, and Tu Tu's. Tights for men.
  • GLOVES -  both long, short and fingerless in various colours - red, black, white and pink and fishnet.
  • 1970'S - Medallions, moustaches and Afro wigs
  • 1980's Leg Warmers, multi coloured bead necklaces and headbands.
  • GLASSES - Fun shaped glasses, 70's Lennon Specs, Harry Potter, Austin Powers and Monacles
  • SWORDS & GUNS, various props, walking and pimp canes, fairy and magic wands etc. + Harry Potter accessories.
  • Military Badges and medals.
  • Evil Fairy black Wings, Butterfly and Ladybird wings
  • Gangster Braces, White Ties, Spats and Tommy guns.
  • 1920's Feather headdresses, pearls and cigarette holder, long gloves

We also stock a range of party goods, Party Poppers, and Silly String


  • HELIUM BALLOONS supplied by Elite Balloons
  • Tel: 020 8660 0000

  • BANNERS - Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Christening Bat and Bar Mitzvah etc.
  • Table Confetti
  • Party Poppers, Streamers and Silly String
  • Cake Candles


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