1940s Wartime Fancy Dress

1940's Wartime Fancy Dress
Product ID: 43215
UPC: 5020570432150
40s Pin Up Wig

40s Pin Up Wig

40's Pin Up Wig, Blonde, With Victory Rolls
Price: £15.79
Product ID: 43214
UPC: 5020570432143
40s Rosie Wig

40s Rosie Wig

40's Rosie Wig, Brown, With Headscarf
Price: £15.79
Product ID: 26230
UPC: 5020570262306
40s Sweetheart Wig

40s Sweetheart Wig

40's Sweetheart Wig, Blonde, With Curls
Price: £13.79
Product ID: 42459
UPC: 5020570424599
40s Vintage Wig Auburn

40s Vintage Wig Auburn

40's Vintage Wig, Auburn, Long With Top Curls
Price: £12.79
Product ID: 33437
UPC: 5020570334379
Flying Helmet

Flying Helmet

Flying Helmet, Brown
Price: £9.69
Product ID: 24211
UPC: 5020570242117
Gas Mask

Gas Mask

Gas Mask, Black
Price: £7.59
Product ID: 22129Size
UPC: 5020570221297

Naval Seaman

Naval Seaman, Blue, Includes Hat, Top And Trousers
Price: £27.99
Product ID: 42223
UPC: 5020570422236
Pin Up Girl Wig

Pin Up Girl Wig

Pin Up Girl Wig, Auburn, With Loose Curls
Price: £14.79
Product ID: 42796Size
UPC: 5020570247860

Vintage Nurse Costume

Vintage Nurse Costume, Blue, with Dress, Cardigan, Belt & Hat
Price: £31.99

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